The psychotherapy practice of Kent E. Webb, LCSW is an independent practice and your psychotherapy care will be directed by me. Even though I share an office suite with other professionals, each therapist in the office suite is an independent practitioner.

Kent is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Colorado, License #984080. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a Master of Social Work degree and completed 2 years post-graduate clinical supervision. He also completed a Special Post-Graduate program in Family Psychotherapy at Georgetown University Medical School, Department of Psychiatry.

Fees will be reviewed and agreed upon at the initial visit.

Missed Appointments and Late Cancellations

Clients will be assessed a charge for appointments not cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment.


Clients are ultimately responsible for all bills even if there is a third-party payer. Clients who are fully self-pay and or clients who have insurance co-payments, the fee is expected to be paid at the time of the appointment.

Health Insurance

Kaiser health insurance plans are accepted by Kent for payment of psychotherapy visits. Kaiser must authorize your care prior to the first appointment.

Emergency/Crisis Coverage

For life threatening situations always call 911 or go to the nearest Hospital Emergency Room. For all other situations, contact Kent’s office phone number and receive after office-hours crisis instructions or leave a message for him which he will return on the next business day.


Confidentiality is an important component of therapy. A written release of information is required in order for me to release any information related to your therapy or to obtain information about you from another healthcare provider or individual. However, there are certain legal exceptions to your right to confidentiality.

I am bound by law and a code of ethics to report suggested abuse cases, of any type, to the Department of Human Services or to legal authorities. In addition, if any individual becomes dangerous to self or others, or is incapable of caring for him or herself, confidentiality will be broken in order to assure the safety of yourself and others and to notify appropriate individuals and agencies. Your personal safety and the safety of others is the highest priority.

Client Rights

The practice of psychotherapy by both licensed and unlicensed persons is regulated by the Colorado State Department of Regulatory Agencies. Any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding the practice of psychotherapy may be directed to Department of Regulatory Agencies @ 303.894.7766. You are entitled to receive information about the methods of therapy, duration of therapy, if known, and the fee structure. You may seek a second opinion from another therapist or you may terminate therapy at any time. You should know that in a professional relationship, sexual intimacy is never appropriate and should be reported to the Department of Regulatory Agencies.