My Qualifications

Kent E. Webb

Choosing a therapist that suits your needs can be a difficult process. Whether you're buying a car, choosing a place to live, or selecting a new school for your children, the most important thing, as we all know, is to be informed. The same thing rings true when selecting a therapist. So in that vein, here is a little about me:

Curriculum Vitae

I am a psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Colorado. My entire professional career, more than 30 years, has been in the field of mental health, primarily as a psychotherapist. In my current independent psychotherapy practice, I specialize in providing mental health services to the diverse communities of the broader metro area. Additionally, I am a father, have a partner, come from a large family in Colorado, believe strongly in community service and in the concept of "giving back."

My areas of specialized training and significant experience include:

I have been a clinical and organizational consultant, trainer, and teacher for numerous non-profit organizations and corporations, both locally and nationally. I have provided these sorts of services to groups as diverse as the District of Columbia, Department of Mental Health Services in Washington, D.C., the Colorado Human Rights Campaign, the Denver Center for Crime Victims, the Denver District Attorney's Office/Victim's Service Network, Coors Brewing Company, Qwest, and the National Bar Association.

My professional interest extends into teaching as well. I have taught mental health courses and supervised graduate students at the University of Denver's School of Professional Psychology and School of Social Work. And I have been an Adjunct Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. I continue to be actively involved with the Bowen Center for the study of the family/Georgetown Family Center in Washington, D.C., where I participate in clinical consultation, seminars, and present papers at national meetings.

Community Service

Another way my commitment is expressed is as an advocate for improving the lives of children and families in our community. For many years, I have donated service to the Denver Center for Crime Victims. Also, I have been pleased by the opportunity to serve as Board Chairperson at Foothills Academy, a Denver area independent school, The Alexander Foundation Board of Directors, The GLBT Center of Colorado, Health Advisory Committee, and Denver Public Schools LGBT Educational Advisory Committee.